Parenting : A Topless Summer

Today was one of the first days you can feel summer is approaching. Once it gets past about 25 degrees, and you can leave the house knowing you don’t need a cardi or an umbrella, I just feel happier.

Before we were married, we lived right on bondi beach, in a hideously ugly building nicknamed ‘the pizza hut’ just behind the famous icebergs surf lifesaving club. The vibe down there was quite magic. You were buying milk and bread at coles alongside packs of blonde Swedish & French backpackers and suntanned surfer dudes and it did feel like you were on holiday most of the time.

Summer for us down there seemed to go on all year. Not only is the weather so much warmer in NSW, but living in backpackers heaven gives the place a seriously relaxed atmosphere. Each weekend we would stroll down to the beach after breakfast sometime around 11am, me with my ipod, suncream & hat, and Harry with his book in hand and just lie and watch the beach and people go by. Lunch might consist of a burger at the North Bondi RSL, and we would often cap the day off with a beer/sav blanc somewhere with friends. My now husband may also have had a punt on the horses, sporting games, dogs or whatever else he could find to waste his money on that day.

In sharp contrast, last summer was a complete write off. In fact, im not convinced there even was a summer 09/10. I theoretically know there must have been one, and people have since told me it was even a ‘really nice hot one’, but I gave birth to Max on the 14th December. He is now 10 months old, but the weeks after that are now just a haze of feeding, sore boobs & leaking body parts. For me, it was not that pleasant.  And I as I feel like I have spent the last two years in perpetual winter mode, my skin also being paler than ever, I am extra excited to now notice the weather warming up.

But, priorites have changed. This was comically pointed out to me on the phone this afternoon by my lovely single and childless friend who made a simple comment “Its so nice today, I cant waaaaait for summer…” “Me too” I added eagerly, “what’s so exciting is it means I can start feeding Max in his highchair topless, which will seriously cut down on washing, staining & soaking.” I paused, quiet for a moment before we both burst into laughter. Although I was serious, that comment was kind of distressing. In the past I might have remarked that I couldn’t wait to be able to ‘start tanning’, ‘drinks and a BBQ  outside on a warm evening’, or even just ‘being able to wear skirts and singlet’s again’.  

It didn’t make me sad. I think, it’s was just a little reminder, that although I am about to spend my first (second) real summer with child, I shouldn’t forget who I am and what I love. A happy mother makes a happy baby and all that jazz. So on that note, I might wrap this up, and head outside for a vino.

xx Amanda