Parenting : Uh-Oh.

I have this favourite new shop called Megan Park on high street, Armadale. The clothes in there are to die for. Beautiful drapey silks & soft cottons, in elegant dresses and tops. The colours are exquisite turquoise, lilacs, intertwined with beige, white and watermelons. There is also lots of stunning detailed beadwork, which I am in love with at the moment. It’s not exactly mummy friendly wear, but for special occasions, it’s great.

As Max’s first birthday is coming up, I thought I would treat myself to a pretty new dress for the party.  So we popped in this morning, and… well… I don’t think I can ever go back.

It started off ok, I selected a few beaded dresses to try, and began undressing. Max hates not being able to see me so started grizzling instantly in his pram. “Why don’t you pop him on the floor with a few of these toys we have?” The sales assistant suggested sweetly? Showing me a few wooden play toys. Seemed simple enough, so I hopped out from behind the curtain in one of the dresses and put him on the floor with the toys. He was stoked, and smiled up at me happily. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a large antique crystal lamp behind the clothes rack nearby, about a meter high and very expensive looking.

I came out in the second dress. It was spectacular on the hanger, but it wasn’t quite right on me either. To dressy for a kids party, the sales lady and I agreed.  Plus, they all seemed to make me look a bit frumpy. As I looked up at Max it was classic slow motion terror. He was heading towards the crystal light at speed. Before I could even process what was happening, he reached to try and climb up it……and….. smash. It hit the floor, crystal smashing everywhere, max now also screaming from the frighteningly loud bang noise. He wasn’t hurt, just surprised.

SHIT. Shit, Shit Shit. This was not a situation I was familiar with. What do I do now? Do I pay for it? But its not even for sale? As Max’s only has one word, which happens to be – Uh Oht, the clever boy knew exactly when to use it. “Uh Oh, Uh Oh.” he said smiling at me.

Credit to the sales assistants at Megan Park, they were so nice about it, saying soothing things such as “don’t worry, we all have kids, it’s not a problem.” And “This has happened before, not the first time.” One girl even said to me on the way out “it livened up the day!” Oh God. All I kept saying was “I’m so, so sorry.” & “Cheeky boy Maxy, not good.”

As we left the store, I called my mum and we laughed about how I had apparently knocked over a giant ceramic tiger in an antique shop at roughly the same age. Great, doesn’t make me feel much better.

I walked back up the road towards the car, it considered it again, should I have offered to pay for it? maybe I should have contributed to a new crystal lamp. What is the etiquette with that? As a newbie to children destroying things in shops, I wasn’t quite sure. Feel free to post a comment and let me know you think!

xx Amanda