Parenting : Oprah & Biscuits

I think my husband secretly believes that I lie around all day eating tim tams & watching Oprah. And he is right, to a certain extent, since that is exactly what I would do – once I have fed Max his breakfast, cleaned his highchair (1sttime), swept the kitchen floor, un-stacked the dishwasher, washed Max’s bottles, hunted down dirty socks under the couch, put the washing on, soaked the really stained stuff in a bucket of napisan, dropped off my husband’s dry cleaning, played with Max on the floor, read him two books (spot and spot), fed him a bottle, then his lunch, cleaned his highchair (2nd time), hung up the washing, wiped a small vomit up from the carpet, put Max to bed for a nap, brought in the washing when it starts to rain, tidied Max’s play area, arranged a service for the car, called the pool man to come and fix the pool pump, scribbled down a sudden idea for a new post, pegged the washing back out when the rain stops, answered the phone twice to non English speaking people trying to sell me things I don’t want, phone wakes Max, make a trip to the supermarket to pick up an extra pack of wipes, milk and something for dinner, unpacked the shopping realising I had forgotten my husband’s shaving cream (the real reason I needed to go today), told Max to get down from the fireplace 30 times, removed him from the bathroom 10 times where he has discovered the toilet and how much fun it is to throw things in, fed Max dinner, cleaned his highchair (3rd time), bathed him, dressed him, bottled him, put him to bed, prepared dinner while discussing with my mother-in-law what gifts we need to purchase for their family this Christmas, gone in to re-settle Max (he consistently wakes about 8pm screaming every night), cooked our dinner, ate it, tidied it up, put the dishwasher on, talked to my husband about his day, told him I love him, had a shower, crawled into bed.

Just line those Oprah episodes up for me to watch, I’m sure there will be time tomorrow.

xx Amanda

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